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 Handsome - Up:  ₦12,000
Penis Enlargement Pump.
For increase in penis size

Mascum Herbal Pride - ₦18,000 ₦16,000
Total Solution To Premature Ejaculation
Increases penis size and solves premature ejaculation

Golden Six ₦ 15,000
Treatment - Female Infertility, Rheumatic Fever, Painful Mensuration, Diabetes 2, Agé Spots, High Blood Pressure, Stroke Sequela, Glycemia (High blood sugar), Fatique, Gout (Acute Arthritis of Toe & Joints) Back Ache.
Magilim - ₦ 15,000
Treatment - Weight Control, Detoxification, 
Balance Blood Sugar, Obesity, 

Cordy Royal Jelly - ₦ 15,000
Treatment - Heart Failure,
Myocardial Infarction, Anemia                
Arteriosclerosis, Decrepitude.
Cordy Royal Jelly is a Premier Tonic 
for Reducing Blood Fat.                
Cordy Royal Jelly is also Available in 
Small Bottle for Only - ₦ 7,500.

Re-Vive - ₦ 19,500
Treatment - Poor Sexual Drive (Poor Libido), Weak Erection, Low Sperm Count, Premature Ejaculation, All sexual function related problems.

Re-vive is Premier Tonic for Boosting Sexual Performance. 
Re-vive is also Available in Small Packet for Only ₦ 8,500

Tongkat Ali₦17,500
Boost several parameters of sexual performance 
Increases sperm production and motility 
Enhance strength and muscle 
Enhance mood and quality of life 
Increased muscle mass and strength, decreased fat
Inhibit NF-kB

Highly Effective.

Vision Clear - ₦ 13,150
Treatment - Eye Problems, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retina Pigment Degeneration, Prevention of Myopia, Glaucoma, Cataracts.
Visionclear is a good supplement for eye.

Diawell Tablet - ₦ 7,260
Treatment- Diabetes Type 2, Chronic Atrophic Gastris, Blood Sugar and Thirsty feeling.

Diawell Tablets is a health solution for Type 2 Diabetes, CAG and Blood Sugar
Gastrifort - ₦ 18,820
Treatment - Chronic Hepatitis, Stomach and liver in-balance, Gastritis (Inflammation of stomach), Eye problem, Flatulence (gassing from stomach), Heart burn.

Gastrifort is a Premier Tonic for Stomach Health. Gastrifort is also Available in Small Bottle for Only₦ 7,800.
Golden Hypha - ₦ 19,100
Treatment - Hepatitis (Chronic), Liver problem, Cancer, Dermatitis, Poor Immune system.

Golden Hypha is a Premier Tonic for Immune System Restoration. Golden Hypha is also Available in Small Bottle for Only - ₦ 8,450.
Reishi ₦ 15,020 
Treatment - Nephritis (Inflammation of Kidney), Allergy, Carcinoma, Hypertension and Hypotension, Poor Immune System, HIV Support, Malignant Cancer, Fibroid, Anti-toxin (Detoxifier).

Reishi is Premier Tonic for Self-Defence System and Anti-Virus. Reishi is also Available in Small Bottle for Only - ₦ 7,280
Vigor Essential - ₦ 11,600

Treatment - Impotence, Prostatitis (Inflammation of prostrate), Prostrate Cancer, Mental Imbalance, Low sperm vitality, Depression, Body building.

Vigor Essential is Premier Tonic for Virility and Vigor.

Vip Chair Massager - ₦ 210,800
Treatment - Stress and muscle tension, Muscle cramps and stifness, Improve breathing, Lower blood pressure, Detoxify the body, Improve skin and posture.

Vip Chair Massager is excellent for everyday body massage.

Slimming Belt - ₦ 55,870
Treatment - Desired body shape, Burn fat and reduces weight, Aids the process of digestion, Better circulation around the points of contact, Muscles Fatigue.

Vagicare Lotion - ₦ 11,950
Treatment- Cleaning Women Genital, Vagina Disinfection, Odour Removal, Relieving Itching, Cleaning and Disinfection of Skin or Mucous. Kills Candida Albicans, Staphylococcus Aureus and Bacillus Coli. It also helps replenish Vaginal Moisture.

Cardibetter Tablet - ₦ 14,900
Treatment - Coronary Heart Disease, Blood Circulation, Angina Pectoris problems, Choking sensation in the chest and Hypertension.

Blood Circulatory Instrument - ₦ 172,900
Treatment - Sexual Disorder and Cardiac Function, Rheumatism, gout and headache, Constipation, Weight reduction, Sleep disorder, Cold, Hypertension, Paralysis of facial nerve, diabetes (type II), Joint pain, arthritis, leg and back ache.

Angelicare Day - ₦ 9,990
Treatment - Dispel Bad Odor, Improve Blood Circulation, Enhance Immunity, Regulate Endocrine System, Release Fatigue, Improve Metabolism

Eve's Comfort - ₦ 12,960
Treatment - Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrheal and abnormal pain due to blood stasis during post-natal. It also promotes blood circulation and regulates menstruation. 

Dolphin Massager - ₦24,990
Treatment - Tight muscle after exercise, Tendons and activate venation, Muscle ache, Fatique etc.

Jointeez Pill -  ₦ 9,050
Treatment - Osteoathritis, Rheumatism Arthritis, Muscle Joint sore e.g inconvinient flexion, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis.

Colon Cleanser - ₦ 4,100
Treatment - Clears Toxin, Accelerate Excretion , Improves Stomach and Intestine Peristalsis, Boost Appetite.